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The Educators

Corbin Donnelly
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Not The HR Lady

Office Snacks? Try Again!

Yummy snacks are well and great, but people need to experience safety, inclusion, value, and support at work. 

This hands-on class will be packed with humor and all the tools you need to ensure your team is happy and able to work in a healthy, efficient style!

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Entrepreneur and Product Owner for the European Commission

Let's Innovate!

"We've always done it this way"... worst reason to do anything in business... EVER.


We are going to be lead in a hands-on innovation creation session in which we will work in small groups to create solutions to problems of our choosing.

Let's build the best solutions!

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Founder, The Neuroverse and President of Titan Management

Universal Design

People work more effectively and are healthier when they are communicating and working in ways that are natural to them.

So why aren't we designing our workplaces and people operations accordingly?

This education session will take you through universal design for People Operations and the workplace!



President, Make The Change

Bridging The Gap

Creating buy-in always seems an insurmountable task, and creating trust-based relationships across departments can be tough. 

This education session will give you the real-life skills you need to gain and cultivate genuine team buy in, trust,  and collaboration using practical real scenario examples. 



Founder, Haystack

Redesigning Hiring

We all know that hiring is broken, but nothing is changing. 

So, let's redesign it together!

This session will bring the audience together to explore some of the problems and trends in the current hiring market and will end with us designing a new, better hiring process!

Vanessa Carson
Kya Rawlings
Joan McGowan
Olivier Bisset
Erin Wells


Support Director, Elite Health Online

Healing Workplace Trauma

Trauma happens in workplaces across the globe. Sometimes it is an unfortunate, unavoidable situation and sometimes it is caused by a team member. In any case, it is vital to heal.

This session will take us through understanding, processing, and healing from trauma at work. 

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Owner, Resume Rescue

The Right Stuff

Great, so we hired a terrific team... now what!? ... We set them up for success!

This session will dive into creating not only successful and supportive onboarding, but continued career and team support for your talent. Everything from tech and policies to building true autonomy will be explored!

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Founder, Search4U

The Human Network

Fostering (pun definitely intended) a strong human network and creating effective relationships is the best way to build a strong personal brand, build a strong team, and get things done.

So how do we do it?

Let's learn from The Job Father himself how to build truly cultivate our network.

Arya Meza
Tre Timms


Mindset Coach and Entrepreneur

Mind Mastery At Work

How can we stay focused with so much going on and support others when we need support too?

Why, grace and mind mastery, of course!

This class will take you through understanding the "mind blocks" that we all experience and how to master your own mind and teach your team to do the same.

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