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Designing the Future of Work




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Not The HR Lady, People Ops Guru

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The Ultimate People Operations Innovation Summit

October 23-25

DFW, Texas

UTA Planetarium

Pocket Sandwich Theater

Learn & Get Inspired

Peopleverse is a two-day fully immersive collaboration and interactive experience for anyone looking to elevate the world of work.

We are going to redesign people work!

We will not only learn and grow as professionals, but as human beings, and we will create actionable solutions that will innovate for a universally designed, future-facing world of work.

Each participant will have the opportunity to be part of white papers, beta projects, formal research, and more!

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Yummy snacks are great, but what people really want is a culture that is healthy and flexible. So let's build it! 

President, Make The Change


Creating true buy in from the top down and cultivating psychologically safe communication

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Inspirational Venues

Our kick-off dinner and meet and greet will be held at the UTA Planetarium and will include a spectacular space show!

Then the primary event will be held at the quaint Pocket Sandwich Theater, known for creativity and community, in downtown Carrollton.

Our venues will inspire!

Arlington and Carrollton, TX

Unable to Attend?

For those unable to attend the event due to religious, cultural, or disability reasons, we are providing recordings of the event and opportunity to participate in Beta projects as an accommodation.

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